HIEI Training programs


HIEI Training programs

  1. Elastomer Technology Technician program

The training program was designed to achieve the following goals: professional behavior, English communication, technical knowledge and practical performance. The training program curriculum is designed to provide 75% practical training and 25% technical knowledge training. The training program curriculum consists of five semesters. The first and second semesters focus on English for Occupational Purposes, computer training and basic math and chemistry. Later semesters focus on elastomer and tire technical knowledge and practical skills training in workshops. The training focus beyond technical competency includes core values / behavioral principles: safety First, strong work ethic and participation, commitment to high achievement in courses and outstanding respect, behavior, and professionalism.


  1. Short courses

HIEI can provide short courses that aim for development of elastomer industry workforce. For example, Comprehensive Rubber Course (CRC) which is a comprehensive course for only 2 weeks period and consists of five courses as follows:

  • Elastomer Science
  • Elastomer Compounding
  • Elastomer Material Testing
  • Elastomer Curing
  • Elastomer Processing


Also these short courses aim to spread awareness and serve community.


  1. Special training programs

HIEI can provide special or tailor made programs based on your company request or need. Special programs are made by the following steps:

  • Training need analysis
  • Set Training objectives
  • Curriculum and evaluation methods preparation
  • Coordination and implementation of training program


All these programs are supported by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), which will fund about 75 % of program cost. For more information please contact Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

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