HIEI Facilities

HIEI is prepared with facilities to achieve HIEI goals by safety protocols as follows:

  1. Student dormitory
  2. Modern training classes
  3. Technical library support its programs and include the following topics : Polymer and Elastomer science , Elastomer technology , Elastomer material testing methods , Elastomer products processing , Elastomer curing and tire technology
  4. Workshops and laboratories equipped with latest technology equipment that simulate elastomer industries as follows :
  • Mixing and compounding workshop:

This workshop aims to produce elastomer compounds. The workshop consists the following areas and equipment’s: raw materials storage, elastomer cutting, ingredient weigh-up, three 2 liter capacity mixing stations and one 24 liter capacity mixing station.


  • Cure characterization and process ability workshop:

This workshop aims to evaluate curing and processing of elastomer compounds. Also the workshop produces test samples for laboratory testing. The workshop consists of the following areas: cure characterization (MDR), heated curing press and process ability testing (Mooney and Capillary).


  • Laboratory testing workshop

This workshop aims to test elastomer materials .The laboratory consists of the following areas: mechanical testing, chemical and physical analysis and aging.


  • Processing and manufacturing workshop.

This workshop is a unique. It is almost a small factory to simulate actual tire and non-tire production lines. It has processing equipment such as an extruder, calendar and rubber mill. It also has a tire building machine, tire curing press and a continuous vulcanization line. It enables the production of rubber products such as tires, hoses and cured rubber profiles.